New Turf field for 2012

Farewell to the grass of Alumni Stadium

Finally! Some important news I’d been waiting for. The University of Guelph’s Board of Governors has approved the installation of a new synthetic turf field. 

When the story broke in June that renovations to Alumni Stadium may be fast-tracked with a significant donation, we were told that a decision could be forthcoming in September. With that date long past I was beginning to wonder if the project may be delayed. The University’s press release says that, “Officials hope to have the new facilities ready for fall semester, including for the Gryphons first home football game Sept. 15.”

This is good news! 

The gift of $1.5 million that expedited the field replacement came “from a local family who wishes to remain anonymous” and is the largest single donation to the U of G’s Department of Athletics.  The total project is $4.9 million.

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One Response to New Turf field for 2012

  1. Gryphon Grandfather says:

    I always had a preference for natural grass fields. But with the innovations in synthetic turf now is the time to make the change. I look forward to the additional opportunites it will bring to Alumni Stadium. Hopefully we see an East-West Bowl, Football Canada Cup and GHR vs GTA All Star games here in the future. Oh yeah! And a Yates Cup final.

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