2011 Season Review

I had wanted to publish a review of the season two months ago.  I sought out several people to do it. Ultimately they declined for the same reasons I didn’t want to do it myself.  It would be impossible to discuss a disappointing 2-6 season without identifying some problems and pointing some fingers.  No one wanted to go on the record with their criticisms.

Chris Lund at the alwaysOUA blog has done it for us with this recent OUA Obituary.  I’m actually surprised it wasn’t a little more negative.  

Season in a nutshell

The Gryphons entered the 2011 season as an unknown entity in the OUA as they had loads of talent but a fair number of new starters and inexperienced coaches …  The Gryphons failed to build any sort of momentum this season and, after several close but no cigar games, found themselves on the outside of the OUA playoffs looking in. After several injuries, lineup moves, etc. it appears as though the Gryphons will be forced to wonder what could have been after a very difficult 2011.

The turning point

Depends which game you think set them off the rails more. The obvious answer would be the 21-12 loss against Toronto which was on University Rush in week three of the season. The next contender, however, would be their 37-13 loss to the McMaster Marauders on Homecoming after leading 10-3 going into the half. Both were indicative of a team that, for whatever reason, just couldn’t find a way to win. Both of these losses made the Gryphons a long shot to make playoffs.

Lund goes on to pick 3 MVPs (all good choices in my opinion), offer both an optimist’s and a pessimist’s analysis of the season, then makes a prediction for next year.  You can read the full post here: OUA Obituary: Guelph Gryphons.

As far as a turning point, I agree the UofT game was the key game of the year.  The one when our season went off the rails.  But I also regard the Windsor game as a turning point, in that everything got better after that.  Remember, I found reasons for optimism in the the loss to Windsor.

I expect I’ll have many other thoughts to share and I intend to put them in the comments section.  I hope some of you will share your own opinions.

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