Preliminary thoughts on 2012 Recruiting

I have started writing posts on recruiting more than a few times in the past six weeks.  I haven’t finished any of them.  There are lots of things to write about.  And a few things I can’t share yet.  I’ve heard our coaches have received several commitments and possibly some signed LOIs but I don’t know the names or details yet.   What I do know … 

  • I’m already on record as saying that I expect Guelph to have another excellent recruiting class this season.  I say that without knowing who many of the actual recruits will be.  My reasons for optimism are based more on the work I see being done than any foreknowledge of who will actually sign. 
  • Recruiter Mark Antonelli talking to a top prospect

    Guelph’s regional recruiters had put in hundreds of hours long before this high school football season was over.  Several of them are also high school coaches.  They were attending OVFL/OFC games all summer as well.

  • I’ve had several coaches from other OUA schools tell me, “I can’t go anywhere without running into Guelph guys.”  And an OUA recruiting coordinator said to me, “I wish I had as much help as Bill Brown.”  Brown’s done a commendable job building this recruiting organization.
  • The money raised by Friends of Gryphon Football for recruiting was put to good use.  If you’ve forgotten or missed it, read this blog post about Guelph’s recruiting efforts at the 2011 Canada Cup – Newly raised funds already at work.
  • Several out-of-province players visited Guelph last summer. There has also been interest in Guelph from outside of Canada and, if I’m not mistaken, one or two visits already.
  • FofGF money made it possible for OC Todd Galloway to travel to the Maritimes to recruit in late November.  And for DC Kevin MacNeill to spend almost two weeks recruiting in British Columbia.
  • Offensive line coach Mike MacDonald has been a relentless recruiter.  MacDonald took a leave of absence from his position with the RCMP to coach full-time this past season.  He continues to find plenty of hours for recruiting even now that he’s back with the Mounties.  [He’ll be on duty in Guelph for football season.]
  • When I first heard that Stuart Lang would become our new head coach I worried that a guy who had already retired from a successful career might not want to put in the hours that are necessary for college recruiting.  Gryphon fans have no worries about that.  Lang makes many, many hours available for recruiting.  For example, he was the only CIS head coach to show up at the GHR Rising Stars Top100 tryouts yesterday.
  • Don’t worry about any negativity you may hear from other sources.  When prospects and their parents meet Guelph  coaches, visit the school, see the facilities and learn about the future improvements they are impressed with the direction of the program. 
  • Guelph won’t get every top recruit they desire.  No one does.  I recently heard about an outstanding prospect who won’t be coming to Guelph.  It’s not because Guelph wasn’t his top choice but rather because he’s going to attend his hometown school for family reasons.  Things like that happen.
  • There is really no point in speculating about who may or may not commit.  Announcements will come soon enough.  I believe Gryphon fans will be very happy.
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3 Responses to Preliminary thoughts on 2012 Recruiting

  1. asdasdffasd says:

    What’s going on with the off-season strength and conditioning? Who are the weight room wariors? Who’s breaking lifting records?

    • I can’t name any “weight room warriors” but I’ve heard from both players and coaches that participation in off-season weight training has improved significantly since the High Performance Centre opened 11 months ago.

  2. whatsthedeal says:

    Hey Peter, I know it is still early but has there been any word on the return of Kevin Campbell, Dave Honig, Matt Richardson or Mark Durigon? I know from speaking with a couple guys close to the program at the end of the year, all of these guys were a possibilty to return with a year of eligibility remaining. If these guys decide to return I think they would all continue to play huge rolls in the Gryphons success, especially on offence with the potential of having 3 fifth year players back on the field.

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