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Gryphons all time leading receiver Jedd Gardner Photo by Kyle Rodriguez / Artifactsforlife.com

This blog started in the offseason and will continue through the offseason.  Personally, I don’t think that CIS/OUA football get the media attention they deserve at the best of times.  In the offseason, media attention becomes almost non-existent.  In my opinion there are lots of newsworthy things happening that I will try to bring to you.  I have hopefully enlisted some help from a couple of guest contributors who have greater expertise and knowledge than I.

Certainly recruiting will be big news.  I expect another outstanding recruiting class for the Gryphons.  I think Stu Lang has made recruiting a top priority and it shows in the work that Gryphon recruiters have done in the past year.  I attended five high school games last week [approx 25 this fall] and ran into Gryphon coaches/recruiters several times.  As with last season I won’t comment on who Guelph is recruiting until commitments are announced.

Another thing I would like to explore are the offensive and defensive schemes used by the Gryphons.  What exactly is this new offense that we have?  Some people have pointed out that there are some similarities to what we have seen elsewhere in the OUA but I see many similarities to some NCAA offences, not the pro-style variety but the wide open spread offenses.  I also hope to include some history lessons on college football in Guelph which dates back to 1879. 

As for the season just ended, the CISblog has some reflections on the Gryphons’ 2011 season.  And below are summaries of the player of the game selections as announced by Gryphon coaches.

2011 Players of the Game

  Offence Defence Special Forces
Concordia (Exhibition) Jazz Lindsey Keaton Spratt Mike Ullerick
Ottawa GeeGees No one Jordan Thompson Kevin Campbell
Waterloo Warriors Chris Rossetti Brian Dunjko Alexander Charette
Toronto Varsity Blues Kevin Campbell Sebastian Howard Mike Millar
McMaster Marauders Kevin Campbell Brian Dunjko Brian Dunjko
Windsor Lancers Rob Farquarson John Rush Jordan Duncan
Western Mustangs Jazz Lindsey Jordan Thompson / Jake Reinhart Alexander  Charette
York Lions Jedd Gardner Cam Thorn Winston Green
WLU Golden Hawks Jedd Gardner Jaryd Baines Zack Androschuk

2011 Scout team Player of the Week
Week 1 James Ingram
Week 2 Fraser Speakman
Week 3 Jordan Boutilier
Week 4 Brian Schenk
Week 5 Mackenzie McLaughlin
Week 6 Blake McNeely
Week 7 Zack Bader-Shamai
Week 8 Matt Woehl

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