More cow bell

Perhaps it’s just me but I don’t think I’ve heard as many people ringing cow bells at Gryphon games this season.  This “playoff” game against Laurier would be a great time to ratchet up the sound.

Carl Jackson – OAC Class of ’61 & team captain

The ringing of cow bells is something that has gone on at Guelph football games for decades.  No doubt that is something that comes out of this football program’s (and University’s) roots in the Ontario Agricultural College & Ontario Veterinary College.  I would imagine that supporters of the OAC/OVC Redmen, as the team was known prior to 1964, were ringing cow bells back in the 1930s, 40s & 50s.  Did you know that college football was being played in Guelph as early as 1879?

Traditions are one of the great things about college football.  I would like to see more people embrace this Guelph tradition.  Small, yellow cow bells can be purchased at the Athletic Dept’s merchandise table on game day.  I already own several of them.  They’re great but I had hoped to buy a real one this summer.  When I say “real one” I’m talking about a larger one, probably found in an antique store.  Pam Dunk’s mother had one.  She brought it to games when she came up from Windsor to watch her grandsons, Justin and Adam, play.  That is the sort of cow bell that Mississippi State fans are famous for ringing at their games. 

What I like about the MSU tradition is that some families have been bringing the same cow bell to games for 70 or 80 years.  They are passed on from one generation of Bulldogs fans to the next.

The topic of cow bells brings to mind the famous SNL skit – More Cow Bell and Christopher Walken’s classic line to Will Farrell:  “I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cow bell. I gotta have more cow bell!”

Watch the full version of the SNL skit: More cowbell full video

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