Special Forces report, Reinhart and Campbell speak

Finally! As promised  here is the additional information from last week’s QB Club Luncheon.  Sorry for the delay.

Special Forces Coach Chris Decker spoke and made the feature video presentation showing some highlights from the game. 

A shoestring tackle on the opening kickoff by Jordan Duncan that limited Western to a 4 yard return and pinned them back on their 14 yd line set the tone for the game … Duncan has been doing an outstanding job in his first season on specials, tackling and providing containment on coverage teams.  Even with Western having a ten yard advantage in punting distance, Guelph ended up an average +5 yds in field position because of superior coverage and return teams.  Teams are continung to kick away from freshman returner Alexander Charette … they are frequently punting the ball out of bounds … some of Charette’s excellent returns result from great blocks by fellow returner Carl Trivieri.  The long snapping of Dan MacDonald has been so good that opposing teams have stopped trying to block Guelph punts.  [Actually York did attempt several blocks on Saturday.  I think its because with little rush Ferraro was able to take his time getting punts off.  A one second delay in punting is as good as an additional second of hangtime.]

Each week two Gryphon players speak to the audience.  Last week two veterans – Jake Reinhart and Kevin Campbell – spoke.  They don’t have prepared speeches but rather respond to questions from MC Dino Roumel.   They also answer questions from Randy Dimitroff and other members of the audience.  It was noted that Reinhart leads the OUA in tackles (2nd in the CIS) and Campbell has established a reputation as a hurdler.  [He hurdled another defender in the York game.]

Both Reinhart and Campbell had to put in a lot of time and effort before they saw the spotlight as starters this season.  Reinhart, three years on specials and backing up Adam Dunk.  For Campbell, a couple of seasons on the practice roster and a special teams/backup role for another two years before his breakout season.  Yet both were very happy with their choice of Guelph.  They talked about how much they love the family atmosphere in the program … the fact that you can be friends with everyone on the team … there are no cliques, no one is excluded … it’s a really happy dressing room.

The next QB Club Luncheon is Wednesday Oct 19 at the Cutten Club, just northeast of Alumni Stadium.  I expect it will be DC MacNeill’s turn to make the video presentation but I’m not certain which players will speak.

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