Preview week 6 vs Western Mustangs

Gryphons head to London to face the Mustangs at 1pm Saturday.  Given that its Thanksgiving weekend I don’t expect there will be much of a crowd.  We will be taking on a team that is tops in OUA and ranked #2 nationally.  The game will be broadcast on-line if you can’t make it to London.  Link: has a preview of the game here. It confirms in writing what I was already assuming – Jazz Lindsey will start again at QB. It also includes a good photo of the O-Line from the HC game.

And from the University Rush blog this preview:

Guelph @ Western
This game is a must win for Guelph, if they have any playoff aspirations. First year Gryphon pivot Jazz Lindsey looked decent last week in his first ever start, but he made some rookie mistakes against Windsor. He can’t afford to turn the ball over against a powerful Mustang squad on Saturday.
Western will be without starting quarterback Donnie Marshall in this one. Ben Rossong will get the call, he threw for 175 yards in relief of Marshall after he left the game with an ankle injury last week. Expect Rossong to rely on the nation’s best rushing attack — Western has averaged a mind boggling 335 yards on the ground per game this year — to literally run over the Gryphons.
Western 43 Guelph 17

That blogs complete OUA Week 6 game predictions are here.

If Guelph is to have a chance in this game all of our units will have to be outstanding – O, D & ST.  We could really use some scoring from our defence and special teams.  Our D has produced lots of turnovers this season but has yet to score.  As well as our punt & kick return units have done I’m surprised we haven’t had more than one return TD.

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6 Responses to Preview week 6 vs Western Mustangs

  1. JohnQ says:

    Peter and Grant. If the thought is that Western is going to run us over, would it not make sense to move Finley back to DE for this game as he is 50 lbs heavier than Thompson. If not, perhaps move Seilis back to DE and put Hunter Bowmans mass in the middle as he has at least the size not to be easily manipulated by the Western O line? Thompson is fast and confident, but is he not more suited, due to his size, to be corner or DB than End? This Varga kid looks like the real deal. He looks like a bull in a china shop!

  2. Grant MacDonald says:

    I completely agree that thompson is not built to play the run at all. I haven’t liked the way he has played the run this year, however his skill set is perfect for the position he is playing, but yes he does need to add muscle this off season, to be more effective against the run. Seilis can play anywhere, and yes Bowmans could provide some size in the middle, but the man he would be playing against (matt norman) is easily the best guard in Canada, and I would much prefer some sort of experience against him. IE, a finley, or hopefully Jewson, which is the best DL not playing right now because of injury
    And yes varga is legit

  3. JohnQ says:

    Grant. I guess I don’t understand the line I really believe that 44 will get run out of his position tomorrow (based on his small size) on every play this game. I watched the video of last game again tonight and he was being mishandled on every down for the most part. He will be thrown around tomorrow and run at a lot if the Western staff has been watching video. Can you explain the logic of playing a stand up, 195 lb player, on the D line, for me against a running game like we will be facing tomorrow? I like his athleticism, he is a fantastic player, but not at this position. You should know, you were the anchor of the line defence. He is a great player, but he will be a non-entity against the big guys. What are your thoughts? Tomorrow is our last chance at the play offs. I hope ‘I told you so’ isn’t necessary. I absolutely respect your opinion based on your front line experience. Varga should be met with ‘respect’ and ‘hostility’ tomorrow. Saturday is Guelphs chance to make a statement. Let us not accept the ‘writing on the wall’.

  4. I was told to expect some big changes on D tomorrow. A change at DE may be part of it.

    JohnQ, Jordan Thompson is a natural as a rush end. Great speed, incredibly strong for his size, good technique for a freshman and great instincts. That said, for the reasons you outlined I would think it may be better to be using him strictly in pass rushing situations today.

  5. We were all quite wrong speculating that Jordan Thompson wasn’t up to the task vs the vaunted Western running game. Thompson played virtually every down at DE and did very well – 4 tackles, 1 assist, a 10 yd QB sack & a forced fumble. And he blocked a pass.

  6. JohnQ says:

    Agree. He played well. In fact the line was outstanding vs Varga et al. The Western running game was made to look average. Great job today, tough loss vs #2 team in Country.

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