More notes on the Windsor game

Players of the Week

Offence – Rob Farquarson  
Defence – John Rush
Special Forces – Jordan Duncan 

Scout Team Player of the Week – Mackenzie McLaughlin [A third year DB out of Guelph’s Our Lady of Lourdes]

Farquarson had a solid game rushing the ball.  He would have had over a 100 yards if not for several big gains being nullified by penalties.  As I said previously, the freshman Rush is beginning to look comfortable out on the field, like he belongs.  In my opinion he’s a natural as a football player rather than someone who has become good through hard work, film study, etc.  He’ll become a great one if he does the necessary work and study.  I’m not sure how many of Duncan’s tackles were special forces vs defence but I did see him contain Windsor returners and force them back into Gryphon tacklers on plays when he would not have gotten any statistical brownie points.  Those are things that show up in film study.  Perhaps it was McLaughlin’s hard work on the scout team that convinced coaches to dress him when James Savoie went down at practice late in the week.

*     *     *

Guess who the leading rusher was in the game?  Windsor’s RB Shomari Grant or dangerous QB Austin Kennedy?  No.  Rob Farquarson.

Forget the B.S. stat that says Guelph only rushed for 61 yards in total.  The Windsor statistician screwed up royally.

R Farquharson 14 92 6.6 16 1
K Campbell 1 17 17.0 17 0
A Haid 1 1 1.0 1 0
J Duncan 1 -19 -19.0 0 0
J Lindsey 7 -30 -4.3 7 0

The first three lines seem to be correct.  The fourth line is pretty ridiculous given that Jordan Duncan plays defence and has never carried the ball on offence.  Furthermore no Gryphon lost 19 yards on any play in the game.  The fifth line is also messed up.  Jazz Lindsey was sacked twice for minus 5 yards.  He ran once for 12 yards (before fumbling).  He had several other short gains.  He probably netted out at about 15 yards gained. [This incorrect entry is the source of the problem: J Lindsey rush for loss of 45 yards to the GUE 30. Another play that never happened!]

Windsor’s rushing numbers:

S Grant 17 81 4.8 16 1
A Kennedy 12 73 6.1 42 1
P Lefaive 8 48 6.0 23 0
Kamar Anglin 3 13 4.3 6 0

*     *      *

I noticed in the Windsor program that Matt Richardson is listed as in his 4th year of eligibility.  I’ve always referred to him as a 5th year player.  A check of the Gryphon roster from the Homecoming Game shows the same thing.  If true, its not certain he would return for a fifth season of play but if he did we could return every lineman on this year’s team for 2012.  I’ve admitted several times that I underestimated the importance of having experience on the L-o-S,  O-Line in particular.

*     *     *

In my preview of this game I said Windsor was a surprise team but not a young team.  Someone else has done the research that confirms this.  Windsor has the second most experienced team in the OUA.  A McMaster fan who posts on several of the discussion forums under the name RPW figured out the following:

The number of players in their 3rd, 4th & 5th years of eligibility per team:

Ottawa  – 35
Windsor  – 30
Laurier – 29
Toronto – 27
Western  26
Guelph/Mac  – 24
Queens  – 23
York  – 18
Waterloo  – 10
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