McMaster game review

The #1 cliche I’ve heard or read with respect to this game: it was a tale of two halves.  True no doubt but I think it makes more sense to look at it as four distinct quarters.

The simple version (mine anyways):

1st Q – Guelph dominates but only leads 7-0.

2nd Q – Guelph continues to play well, particularly on defence, but it begins to become worrisome that we can’t cash in more of our opportunities.  10-3 at the half.

3rd Q – Mac begins to show signs of life and momentum starts shifting their way.  Guelph needed an offensive response that didn’t come.  One good TD drive particularly if it was time consuming would have kept us very much in this game.  In fact, if we could have mustered a TD instead of a FG it would have been tied at the end of 3.  Instead Mac leads 17-13.

4th Q – The wheels come off.  Mac dominates and puts up the points to prove it.  That’s something we didn’t do when we were outplaying them in the first half.  The 37-13 final is uglier than it should have been. 

Links to coverge of the game (and some good photos):

Dept of Athletics press release: McMaster Spoils Guelph Homecoming

The Guelph Mercury game story: Gryphon football nightmare continues

The Hamilton Spectator’s game story and photo zone – the black unis photograph very well

CIS website:  Box Score and Scoring Summary

The final result took some of the shine off of what was a great Homecoming event at Guelph.  The record attendance of 9,500 was impressive.  Whoever oversees the organization of the day deserves some credit for it coming off so smoothly.  Perfect weather helped.  The students were well behaved as far as I saw and put on an impressive show of school colours and spirit.  And what’s up with UofG president Alistair Summerlee?  Can’t he afford a pair of shoes? lol 

The TV commentators on the Score recognized our collective efforts saying “Guelph now has the best Homecoming. It used to be Laurier … Guelph has had much better crowds for Homecoming the last 2 years.”

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19 Responses to McMaster game review

  1. welllllssss says:

    Stefan Ptaszek is the second best coach in the OUA and saturday was a clear example of that. He and his staff made adjustments at half and Guelph didnt. Thus Mac won the game. Changing running backs for Mac was a great call, and on the third down when prezetta didnt kno which way to go Stefan Ptaszek made a perfect timeout call with the ball about to be snapped… unreal. Good Win by Mac. Go Marauders!

    • Certainly Ptaszek is one of the best coaches in the OUA. I believe this is his seventh season in charge at Mac but as recently as two years ago people were questioning whether he was up to the job. Good for Mac for sticking with him. Now he has continuity in his coaching staff and every player on the roster is one of his recruits. As for Pezzetta, freshmen are like that – they don’t always know which way to go.

  2. marcus says:

    Well it certainly was great weather anyways. It appears to me that Guelph doesnt have the depth it needs to sustain 4 quarters. I mean really….Mac gave them tons of opportunities with fumbled balls and interceptions, and that was their backup quarterback! For the life of me I don’t understand why these teams keep nearly 100 players on their roster, and never dress some of them. Surely there are some other talented players who need to play to gain the experience. I know this isnt house league football, but for goodness sakes coaches some of your players who are supposed to be so talented just aren’t doing it right now. Maybe sit some of them and see what your other players can do. I mean really, at this point what do you have to lose? Great turn out of fans, and the uniforms sure looked great…….but ?

    • The OUA rules limit the game roster to 45 players. Two days before each game, usually noon Thursday each team submits a 55-man roster. The day of the game each team declares which 45 of the 55 players will actually dress for the game. Since the game day programs are printed a day in advance they almost always list 55 players. Its interesting to look at who players 46 thru 55 are. These presumably are the players closest to making the active roster.

      I do agree a 45-man dress roster isn’t good for the development of younger players. I think it also affects the quality of play in the league by limiting the use of specialists. For example, I think many teams would benefit from being able to dress both a punter and a kicker. They don’t do that in order to save a roster spot.

  3. Halton Eyes says:

    Ptaszek’s creditability was questioned because he’s a head coach and fans, good and bad exist. Anyone who knows that man understands he’s building an entire program and any perceived shortcomings are outweighed by solid attributes. If Giles doesn’t re-sign the man for a long time then he’s a complete idiot. Giles should also find the funds to hire Knox full time before someone else does. P wouldn’t be out of work long if McMaster administration tired of him.

    As an outsider all I’ve heard is good things about Coach Lang. The man needs time to build the program he envisions. Players change yearly, coaches will change as well. Nature of the beast and hopefully Guelph makes strides every year despite a tough start in 2011.

    • marcus says:

      Couldn’t agree more with your comment on coach Lang. I think he knows his stuff and makes a valuable contribution to the football program. His credentials speak for themself. But I still firmly believe Guelph needs to play the guys on the sidelines. I mean really, lets be honest, were all these players chosen for a reason? You bet they were! Now come on guys be like Dennis McPhee and play your other guys too otherwise you might lose some great talent.

    • I thought Ptaszek got an extension. At least I assumed it happened when he got a big raise a year or so ago – $134,000 a year salary IIRC.

  4. Halton Eyes says:

    Sounds like a bit of an agenda Marcus.

    Any recruit having to watch for a year isn’t the end of the world, select few break in first year and most are special athletes or fit a need.

    • marcus says:

      No agenda…..but think about it…if Guelph wants to improve their record then lets be realistic. You need to get players in to see what they can do in a game situation whether they are a select few, first year, second year or not. Why else would they be recruited then? To play football, or is there another reason?

  5. JohnQ says:

    Actually Halton Eyes, I believe Marcus is speaking out of frustration at the ‘status quo’. Some of these starters have had 4 games now to prove that they ‘deserve’ their positions. Sitting them for a game isn’t the end of the world for them either. Anyone who has watched all of these games know who is underachieving. Is it good for the team to continue playing itself out of the playoffs simply to keep in the same starters game after game? Losing to TO should have been the wake up call. As Peters next blog says, Guelph sat Brian Dunjko for half the Ottawa game for inadequate play and he has responded brilliantly in each game since then.

  6. Halton Eyes says:

    Coaches look at the players every day, work with them, and evaluate them. A few fringe players moving in and out of the lineup or a couple of changes at most.

    I can’t see Guelph having a better chance against Windsor with big changes in personnel, just my thoughts.

  7. Halton Eyes says:

    Jazz is your starter this weekend in Windsor.

    Guess you guys got your wish……things are being “shaken” up.

    This is exactly what I wouldn’t have done. I’d be looking for the most veteran presence I can on the road in what is ultimately a playoff game.

    We’ll see how it works out.

  8. JohnQ says:

    Halton Eyes. Your assumption was QB. There are many more issues than QB. Why is a first year player starting at QB, if you are correct? How do you know that? Perhaps chances should be given to other QBs who have waited longer than Jazz for a chance to play. Jazz looks pretty talented, i am not criticizing him. Perhaps a leaky D line needs attention. 37 rushing attempts (5.9 yds per carry) last week by Mac and only 6 collective tackles between the starting front four. Perhaps a shaky O line needs attention. Maybe it’s the running game? Only 2.1 rushing yards per attempt last week and 37 yds in total..The team needs refinement and changes, it is not performing well. Coaches and fans should not take offence to comments about the obvious. Nobody has gotten ‘their wish’. We wish that the team does better as a whole and it is not at the expense of any one player. Again, if a player is not performing at the quality of a starter, he shouldn’t be a starter by default because of his ‘veteran’ status. That is silly logic. Everyone who is a Guelph fan wants Guelph to succeed. Guelph should not fail because of a fear to make decisions and changes.

    • marcus says:

      Well said….and you are absolutely right…the only “agenda ” here is that Guelph improves. It sucks to lose especially when some obvious changes might make a difference. I really think that by getting all the players involved, they can only get better. And lets be honest…those guys standing around watching their colleagues playing has to be tough. Not only first year but second and third year guys. If the coaches have only made the change at QB, then that isnt enough. They still need an experienced QB running the show on the field. Rosetti has made some mistakes but I think he was brilliant against Mac. Buy the QB more time on offence and put some D line guys that havent played yet starting. I mean if you look at the stats of some of the guys who are supposed to be stars, it isnt really impressive. Anyways I have a good feeling about Windsor! Not sure where Halton eyes gets his information from but we shall see what happens.

  9. Halton Eyes says:

    No big secret Jazz was getting the start, Peter just hadn’t posted it yet.

    A good discussion. My opinion is big games are won with experience and exceptional younger players to fill holes, not the other way around.

  10. JohnQ says:

    Halton Eyes. Our team is 1-3 with experience. Experience lost to Ottawa. Experience lost to the perennial bottom dweller, Blues. Experience lost to McMaster. We need to sit the veterans who are under-performing to give them a ‘pause for the cause’. I don’t care if it is for one quarter. Hopefully we have enough talent to have a rewarding finish to the schedule. Personally, when I hear a rookie player (who I thought had what it takes) talk about his ‘athleticism’ before we see it, scares me. That should be a red flag to the coaching staff. Individualism is not the attitude Guelph needs at this point. We need a big win, from the whole team! We need contributions from every player, ‘as a team!’ Truth be told, Rosetti has plenty of ‘athleticism’. (He has not played to his potential, but he is far from being alone!)

    • marcus says:

      No doubt some of these veterans need to sit. It all starts with the coaches making the decision who plays. The front line offensive line protect the QB and make holes. Are they doing that? NO. Are the defensive linemen putting tons of pressure on the oppositions QB. Once again no. I wont mention names but it appears to me that the defense is in trouble. Look at the stats of some of the defense. 1.5 tackles, 3 tackles…no tackles, no sacks. …like lets be honest here. Time to sit the “big boys” and let someone else take a turn. I did have a good feeling about Windsor, but not sure now. If the coaches dont smarten up soon they dont stand a chance. Right now there is something lacking with Guelph. PLAY TIME! Oh sorry that may be construed as an agenda.

    • Brian Gryphon says:

      H.E. – Not sure how you get individualism out of one stating that they think they have good athleticism. Sounds like they’re just talking about one of the attributes they feel they can bring to the play at their position. For what it’s worth it seems everybody else thinks the same. Could the kid have been more P.C? Probably but he is still a kid. And you’re right Rosetti is an athletic QB but for whatever reason he wasn’t really being one. That being said I’m not sure this was the only short fall in his play so far this season. Finally, the kid will have to be more than just athletic otherwise I’m sure Rosetti will be back on the field during this game.

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