Final thoughts on UofT game

Players of the Game

Offence – Kevin Campbell
Defence – Sebastian Howard
Special Forces – Mike Millar

Scout Team Player of the Week – Jordan Boutilier [freshman WR from London’s Central High School]

Kevin Campbell had the best game I’ve seen him play. He had 3 carries for 28 yds and 3 receptions for 42 but it seemed like more because almost every time he was picking up a first down. Campbell also continues to be a force on special teams making multiple tackles in every game this season.

Cornerback Sebastian Howard definitely had a strong game with 4 solo tackles, an INT and 2 pass break-ups.  Certainly worthy of consideration was Jake Reinhart.  He led the team in tackles for the third consecutive game – 13 solo tackles. He has now registered double digit tackle stats in every game he has started at LB.

DE Mike Millar with his punt block and recovery for a TD was 100% deserving of his selection.  He came close to blocking another.  If he hadn’t made that big play I would have had a hard time suggesting who should have been Special Forces player of the game.

*     *     *

Thinking about special teams …

UofT punted thirteen times.  Nine of those punts went out of bounds.  At least two more and possibly all of them were intended to go out.   Alex Charette fielded two of them just inches inside the boundary.  The way I see it, the Toronto coaches had so much respect for our freshman returner Charette and our punt return unit [it’s a 12 man effort after all] that they were afraid to risk punting it straight away to us.

With respect to our punting I have mixed feelings.  No, Daniel Ferraro did not have a great game.  But he’s just a freshman and is being asked to both punt and kick.  Last season Evan Short made out much better when we only asked him to do one of those duties.  I haven’t lost faith in Ferraro as I witnessed him put on an impressive display of punting in the GTA-GHR Allstar game.  He boomed every punt he put his foot on with much better hang-time than what we’ve seen so far.  Fortunately our coverage teams have been outstanding.  In fact, if we had coverage teams like this in 2009 we would have beaten Queen’s and Western.  Possibly Laurier as well.

I did like the use of Michael Fortino and the Punt Option play.  He picked up a first down on one occasion while averaging 35.5 yds per punt when he did put his boot to it.  Add in Jedd Gardner’s scamper for a first down when he bobbled a snap plus Michael Millar punt block and special teams play is one bright spot so far this season.  Admittedly the missed 41 FG was big.  If that had been good, little doubt that between our defence and the offence’s ability to run the ball, we could have turned a 15-14 lead into a win against the Varsity Blues.

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