Thoughts on the victory over Waterloo

Everyone I talked to after the game seemed to agree, they liked today’s game a lot better than last week’s.  Everyone expected us to beat the Warriors, so that was no surprise.  But the Gryphons were impressive in the way they did it.  There was never any doubt about the outcome or who the better team was.

But I was impressed with the way the Warriors played – they competed from beginning to end.  Gryphon players I talked to were very complimentary of the new Warrior Field.  One called it the best surface he had ever played on.  That makes me wonder how the plans for a new field at Alumni Stadium are progressing.

You can find this story on the game – Gryphons spoil Warriors home opener, 65-13 win
 – at

Once again the Boxscore, a Scoring Summary and the most complete stats from the game can be found on the CIS website.

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The level of competition was not the same as last week.  But that said everything looked much better.  Our defense dominated, our offence dominated and our special teams were outstanding. 

Chris Rossetti is a much better passer when he is given time to throw.  And the O-Line did that throughout the game.  All three QBs played – Rossetti, Nangle & Lindsey – and all three were given time to operate.  The ability of the O-Line to pick up the pass rush was commendable because Waterloo blitzed relentlessly all day. In fact, with so many blitzers filling running lanes at times the O went almost exclusively with the pass.  While we didn’t throw screen passes to the RBs, something that was successful against Ottawa, WR screens were very effective vs the Warriors.  Our inside receivers also carried the ball with great success – 4 carries for 82 yards.

Our defense completely shutdown Waterloo throughout the first half.  Waterloo didn’t make a serious effort to run the ball.  The strength of the Warriors is their veteran QB and receivers.  But with a decent pass rush up front they weren’t able to accomplish much against our veteran defensive secondary.  The D was credited with 4 sacks and 5 interceptions.

*     *     *

Three of  last week’s starters vs Ottawa were held out of this game – DT Thorn, IR Honig & OT McDooling.  None are seriously injured or expected to miss the next game vs UofT.

Avery Parle was solid playing the entire game at RT.  Ryan O’Connor saw action at center in the 2nd half.  Big freshman Vladimir Vesovic saw the first regular season action of his career at guard.  The O-line in general was 100% better than vs Ottawa.  But, as in the Concordia game, they looked more competent pass blocking than run blocking.  I definitely want to see our RBs pick up more than 66 yards in total.  Certainly if we can succeed with our passing game it will make it easier for our O-Line to open up the running lanes.  The fullbacks and running backs deserve some of the credit for picking up blitzers.

Receivers as a group were superb.  Dillon Dimitroff hauled in 4 passes for 162 yards and a TD.  Saxon Lindsey and Jedd Gardner made five catches each while Carl Trivieri caught four.  I was impressed with the blocking of the receivers, particularly Gardner.  On a couple of occasions he made it possible for a fellow receiver to pick up an extra 10-15 yards.  He completely dominated Warrior DBs several times pushing them around like he was an OL.

Freshman DT Matt Nesbitt played in his first CIS game.  He rotated at tackle with Jeff Finley.  Finley recorded two tackles. The unusual thing is that both were down field on pass receivers, one of them at the sideline.  Kalvin Seilis lined up inside at the other tackle position; his move inside from DE was something that occurred late in the Ottawa game.  It allowed the coaches to get DE Jordan Thompson on the field.  Thompson had a great game including a fumble causing hit on the UW QB.  Graham Jewson and Brian Crosby also saw their first action of the season on the DL.  DE Mike Millar made what I’m assuming was the first interception of his career on an attempted screen pass.

Our starting LBs – Reinhart, MacDonald & Baines – all recorded a sack.  Cam Walker also made a tackle-for-loss (TFL).  Once again Jake Reinhart was the leading tackler [2 solo, 7 assists] followed closely by Sebastian Howard and John Rush [4 solo, 1 assist each].

I thought our veteran defensive backfield showed everything that was expected of them shutting down Waterloo’s passing game in the first half.  Cornerback Winston Green and freshmen DBs Keaton Spratt and Iain Hutchison all saw plenty of action in the 2nd half.  Hutchison made the first interception of his CIS career.

Special teams were outstanding.  The coverage units were great.  Return units continue to be excellent with Carl Trivieri taking a punt return back for TD.  The kicking game looked the best it has since 2009 with Daniel Ferraro hitting 3 of 4 FGs and being perfect on 8 PATs.  He didn’t look as nervous as week 1 when he mishandled a couple of punt snaps.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on the victory over Waterloo

  1. Marcus says:

    glad to see Guelph pulled it together over Waterloo. The boys did much better offensively than the Ottawa game, however if you look at the stats on the CIS website there were still far too many first downs defensively. Remember too that Waterloo had a whole season off and may not do well this year, but don’t underestimate any team. Lets see how the boys do against the rest of the competition. Maybe the Guelph coaching staff will start to put some other players in to see what they are capable of doing! Come on coaches! Use this time to test the waters.

  2. After the game tomorrow I will try to post something about how freshmen and inexperienced sophomores have played so far this season.

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