Thoughts on Concordia exhibition game

There were plenty of positives to take away from yesterday’s game in spite of a loss on the scoreboard.  But not everything was sunshine and roses. 

The Negatives

  • Field goal kicking game is still a concern.  Our three kickers were a combined 2 for 5.
  • It’s a little worrisome that in the 1st half our offense struggled to put up points in the red zone (with our top QBs & RBs).  Sort of  reminiscent of early last season.
  • I would have liked to have seen more production out of our running game.  Success rushing the ball in spring and training camp had me hoping for more. 
  • I didn’t like that ConU ran the ball so easily.  I’m sure they didn’t gain huge total yards (maybe 150 yds) but they picked too many gains of 8 to 10 yards.

Undoubtedly some of the issues relate to the fact it was an exhibition game.  Put our top five OL together as a unit that plays the entire first half I would anticipate much better results.  On defense add in the four veteran starters who sat out and we’re obviously a lot stronger.  At this point finding a consistent FG kicker is the biggest issue.

The Positives

  • We proved we had no trouble playing with a team generally considered to be top 10 in calibre and projected to be a playoff team in their Quebec conference. 
  • You would have hardly known that Concordia had a full week more of practice to prepare for the game – 12 days versus 5.
  • Our freshmen recruits validated all the “hype” and accolades they have been given. 
  • Concordia brought their top 60 healthy players to Guelph from a training camp of more than 120.  Guelph played virtually all 90 healthy players from their training camp roster of 110.
  • Guelph used five quarterbacks while Concordia used three.
  • It was a great opportunity to develop depth and for young players to get valuable experience.  For example, at OT a couple of rookies – Tessier & Ross – got a chance to play 3/4 and one half the game respectively. Great experience for them in case injuries push them up the depth chart prematurely. 
  • Guelph won the turnover battle.  We only had two turnovers that I recall, both picks late in the game.  Chris Rossetti was perfect again in the turnover department.
  • We took very few penalties even with so many rookies playing and many inexperienced OL.
  • Pass protection was pretty good all things considered

See the Guelph Mercury’s game story and photos here under the headline Rookies step up for football Gryphons.

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