Further training camp news & links – Aug 26

Todd Galloway was smiling more out on the practice field than the previous times I met him.  That surprised me but I think its a good thing.  When a new Offensive Coordinator who has only two weeks to install his offense, is running around the practice field appearing to be as happy as a pig in %#@+, that has got to be a good sign.  From the limited amount I have seen I don’t have a clear picture of what the O will look like but I am only hearing positives.  Apparently … it works well with the zone blocking scheme our O-Line has been using in recent years; some parts of it remind people of Stefan Ptaszek’s Laurier O and the misdirection is confusing our D.

I had a chance to speak to new DBs coach Marcello Simmons for the first time.  I’d wanted to talk to him for a while.  One recruit had told me he had heard so much good stuff about Simmons that he thought about losing 50lbs and converting to defensive back.  Simmons, 7 years a CFL coach, said his goal this season was to teach his players techniques that would help prepare them to play at the next level.  And prepare them also to be future football coaches.  He definitely fits the mold of a teacher-coach that I’ve heard Stu Lang talk about. 

Two other coaches I’ve enjoyed watching work are DL coach Brian Cluff and OL coach Mike MacDonald.  They too seem to be “teacher-coaches”.   Numerous times I’ve seen Cluff using a “spare minute” to teach/explain things to a young player.  Given that we’ll need some young guys to provide depth along both lines, I could see the teaching approach of these coaches working well.

*  *  *

Our Gryphons held a joint practice today with the Concordia Stingers in advance of tomorrow’s exhibition game – 1 pm kickoff & admission is free.  I really hoped to produce a separate post in advance of the exhibiton game but time is running out.  I am looking very forward to it.  The teams would seem to be relatively well matched.  Last year the Stingers won 40-23, but the score was 24-23 entering the 4th quarter. 

I fully expect Guelph will play a lot of players.  They used 78 in last year’s game in Montreal.  Concordia is already two weeks into their training camp (today was Day 5 for us) and likely will use many fewer players.  Last year they kept their starters in the game twice as long as Guelph.  Our coaches will use the game as an opportunity to evaluate talent while at this point Concordia will be focusing more on fine tuning, getting ready for their opener.

The CISblog’s preview of Concordia can be found here.

*  *  *

The Guelph Mercury continues to crank out preseason stories.  These are stories from the past few days. 

Linebacker: Movin’ on up >> Jake Reinhart can see an opening with the Guelph Grphons and has worked to plug the hole

Kicking game: Boot battle at the Gryph camp >> Guelph brings in highly-touted kicker to give team several options this weekend

D-Line: The defence won’t rest >> Guelph has lost some tough defensive linemen but Mike Millar and Kalven Seilis are ready to take control


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3 Responses to Further training camp news & links – Aug 26

  1. Another story in the Merc says Concordia brought 60 players and Guelph will suit up 90. It was good to hear that the Gryphons dominated the Stingers when the teams went head-to-head at yesterday’s integrated practice.

  2. Tibor says:

    Re. the Concordia game, already making excuses for the Gryphons I see.

    • No excuses necessary. Guelph, even with 30+ freshmen playing in the game, can compete with Concordia. The 23-21 loss actually feels like a victory in many ways. Add in the fact that Guelph outscored Concordia 14-0 in two overtime series, and it was an excellent day for the Gryphons.

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