Receivers – a pre-camp look

Without a doubt we’ve got a lot of talent & experience in our receiving corps.  This group along with the defensive backs are the strength of this team.  I believe Guelph will continue to dress and play a large number of receivers.  Almost all of the receivers who dress will see special forces duty.  The punt and kick-off return teams were made up largely of receivers last season.  This group will have a new position coach for 2011 in Mike Danischewsky.

I’m not certain how OC Galloway classifies his receivers – ie. are they labelled X, Y, Z?  Is there an H-back or Wingback who is partly a RB? – so it’s a little difficult to know how to fill-in a depth chart.  But the way I look at it, the Top 5 are Jedd Gardner, David Harrison, Dillon Dimitroff, Dave Honig and Saxon Lindsey.  All have at least a couple of years of OUA experience.

In Kevin Campbell, Paul Adamic and Michael Fortino OC Galloway has a group of receivers who have seen action over the past several seasons.  Campbell and Adamic are the team’s biggest receivers and have been used at TE and Fullback on occasion.   Aaron Haid, Carl Trivieri, Josh Smuck and Joel Mohr provide excellent depth to the receiving corps.

Jedd Gardner (5’11” 190, St Michael’s/Niagara Spears) – entering his 5th year.  A late cut of the CFL Argos who saw action in Austria this summer with Team Canada. From CIS website profile –Expect Gryphon receiver Jedd Gardner to go out with a bang… He will be striving to continue to produce explosive, game-changing plays Gryphon fans have become accustomed to seeing out of the speedy receiver. Gardner is just 19 yards away from becoming the all-time leading receiver in Gryphon football history.

David Harrison (6′ 200, Waterdown) – entering his 4th year of eligibility. Returning after missing last season with shoulder surgery. Twice a top 10 receiver in the OUA this veteran’s return gives QB Rossetti another reliable target.

Dillon Dimitroff (6′ 188, Burlington Notre Dame) – entering his third season. Has dressed since his freshman season. With 23 receptions for 412 yds was second only to Gardner in 2010.  Made some spectacular catches.

Dave Honig (6’2″ 205, Sarnia Northern) – entering his third season on the dress roster.  Inside receiver who was 4th in receptions & 5th in receiving yardage snagging 14 for 185. 

Saxon Lindsey (6’1″ 195, Markham DHS) – entering his third OUA season, will play his first game as a Gryphon on Labour Day.  Played as a freshman and sophomore at Laurier. Sat out last season but played in this spring’s East-West Bowl.  In the offseason former OC Marchese told me Lindsey would be “an impact player in the CIS” this year.

Kevin Campbell (6’3″ 215, Pickering Dunbarton) – entering his 3rd season.  Inside receiver who was 2nd on the team with 18.7 yds/catch. Made 10 receptions in 7 games. 

Michael Fortino (6′ 180, St Michael’s/Niagara Spears) – entering his 4th season.  Only 1 catch in 2010 but he kicked the game winning FG vs UofT.  He was the #1 target in the spring Red & Black scrimmage.

Paul Adamic (6’3″ 230, St Michael’s College) –  entering his 3rd season.  He has played in the slot as well as lining up at TE and FB.

Carl Trivieri (6′ 185, St Michael’s College) – entering his 3rd season.  Made 5 catches and returned a half dozen punts in limited action last season.

Aaron Haid (6′ 190, Guelph CVI) – entering his 3rd season.  Saw some action on special teams including returning 3 punts.

Josh Smuck (6’1″ 180, Caledonia MacKinnon Park) – entering his 2nd season. Did not dress as a freshman.

Joel Mohr (6’1″ 184, Guelph John F Ross) – entering his 2nd season. Did not dress as a freshman.

Recruits: Jordan Boutilier, Alexander Charette, James Ingram, Dylan Husty

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