Another season preview of the Gryphons

From the CISblog:

In 50 words or less: The Gryphons, who are theoretically rebuilding, are a dark horse contender for the Yates Cup in a wide open OUA.

This very thorough preview includes a recap of 2010, takes a look at the coaching staff and off-field issues as well as all the usual stuff – incoming and departing players, key games, etc.  It concludes with this assessment:

Stock up or stock down: Up. The Gryphons are a rising commodity in the OUA. While many of last year’s failures can be chalked up to inexperience and some bad luck they should have the wherewithal to overcome those stumbling blocks in 2011. They are losing some key players in FitzGibbon, MacDonald, and the linebackers Dunk and Rossetti, but for the first time in a long time, the Gryphons appear to have enough depth to offset those losses. I fully expect this team to make an appearance in the OUA semi-finals and with a good bounce here or there we could be looking at a Yates Cup finalist.

Read the full preview here.

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