Linebackers – a pre-camp look

Guelph only uses two traditional linebackers – a middle LB [MIKE] and a weakside LB [WILL].  Adam Dunk was a fixture in the middle for five years while Matt Rossetti has been the starter at WILL for the past two seasons.  Dunk and Rossetti were #1 & 3 on the team in tackles in 2010, accounting for 112 tackles and assists between them.  Big shoes to fill. 

The third position with a linebacker title is the strongside LB [SAM].  The SAM position is no longer a true linebacker position but a hybrid, a cross between LB & DB. The change is a response to changes in offenses, particularly the growth of spread offenses. 

Position              Starter                          #2                               Depth

MIKE                 Jake Reinhart               Jordan McCoskey    # Speakman, Meher, Harpell  

WILL                 Curtis Rukavina           Colin MacDonald       # Speakman, Meher, Harpell   

SAM*                   Brian Dunjko                Taylor Palmer           various defensive backs

# – in no particular order
*Since 2009 Guelph has staffed the position with a defensive back.

Jake Reinhart (6′ 215, Guelph CVI/ Guelph Bears) – entering his 4th season, has played since his freshman year primarily on special teams.  Was 2010 Special Forces Player-of-Year.  One of my picks for a player to have a breakout season.

Curtis Rukavina (6’2 225, Mississausga St Francis Xavier) – entering his 4th season. Has seen lots of special teams action. Was the defensive Player-of-Game vs Western filling in for an injured Rossetti. Missed spring camp with a shoulder injury that is 100% healed. Played one season at Erie Community College in Buffalo .

Colin MacDonald (6′ 215, Huron Heights) – entering his third season.  Dressed in 2010, saw limited action. Had a strong spring camp. 

Jordan McCoskey (6′ 210, London South) – entering his second season.  Dressed as a freshman, saw limited action.

Fraser Speakman (6’3″ 200, Sault Ste Marie St Basil’s) – did not play as a freshman.

Jack Meher (6’1″ 195, Barrie North) – did not play as a freshman.

Jacob Harpell (6’1″ 220, Kingston Holy Cross/Limestone Grenadiers) – did not play as a freshman.  Had a excellent OVFL season in 2010.

Bryan Dunjko (5’11” 190, Huron Heights) – entering his 4th season.  Started at SAM two seasons.  Missed a couple of games with a hand injury in 2010.  Won the Kyle Walters award for being the player who demonstrates the highest level of preparation.

Taylor Palmer (6’1″ 190, Niag Falls St Paul’s/ Niag Spears) – entering his third season.  Started a couple of games at SAM in 2010.  Plays a lot on special teams.

New Recruits: John Rush, Connor Pritty, Cameron Walker, Chad Sorensen, Nigel Henry [SAM]

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