Pre-Training Camp Look at Position Depth Charts

I hope to have time this week to take a look at each of the position groups. [I’m scheduled to work 57 hours this week so I may be a little optimistic thinking I can get it all done.]  I’ll try as best I can to determine the depth at each position and the student-athletes we have retuning at those positions.  As I’ve said before, the typical OUA roster has about 40% turnover each season.  More than 50% of that turnover is not due to graduation or players exhausting their eligibility. 

I have written plenty so far on this blog about the incoming recruits and some of the veterans.  I will be trying to share some of the background info on the roster players who have gone unmentioned up to this point.

Defensive Line
Defensive Backs – * newest post Aug 21

Offensive Line
Running Backs – Aug 21
Receivers – Aug 20

*** Update ***  I expect we’ll see numerous position changes particularly on O with a new OC, changes to the OL staff and a new WR coach.  I hope to cover them with some posts once we see what’s happening at training camp. GO GRYPHONS!

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