Gryphon people, news & links – July 12

Team Canada has won their opening two games at the IFAF World Championships in Austria with Nick FitzGibbon and Jedd Gardner contributing in the victories.  Canada won the opener 45-10 over France.  In game 2 Canada defeated the host Austrian team 36-14 .  Through two games FitzGibbon has rushed 12 times for 53 yds, caught 2 passes for 22 yds and returned a kick-off for 4 yards.  Gardner has caught 2 passes for 57 yds, returned two kick-offs for 27 yards and scored a 2pt convert off a bad snap. Canada plays Japan Wednesday with the winner advancing to the championship game on July 16.

 Through six weeks of play incoming DB recruit Iain Hutchison leads the OVFL in interceptions with nine.  He has returned them for 211 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Hutchison was recently named the OVFL Defensive player of the week.  He has also caught 2 passes and returned 2 kick-offs for the 5-1 Sault Ste Marie Sabercats.  This is nothing new for Hutchison who led the league last season with 10 INTs.  He was the team MVP of the Sabrecats in 2010.

Another DB recruit, Graham Smyth, is adding to his impressive stats in the OFC.  Smyth ranks among the leading scorers in the league after five weeks with four touchdowns.  The amazing thing is he doesn’t play offense.  Smyth recently returned a second interception for a TD to go with a punt return TD and a TD on a kick-off return.  Smyth is ranked #2 in the ten team league’s defensive stats.

Something I just learned today about another of our incoming recruits: Mike Ullerick is the younger brother of Chris and Tyler Ullerick.  Chris and Tyler were outstanding two-way players who each led South Collegiate to London City championships.  Like Mike, they were both outstanding RBs.  Both older brothers went on to play as defensive backs at Western.  Chris was the OUA Rookie-of-the-Year in 2003.  I wonder which side of the ball Mike Ullerick will end up on?

Some of you will likely know that I occasionally post comments on the discussion site.  One thread I’m glad I didn’t have to comment on bore the ugly title: KYLE WALTERS DESERVES TO BE FIRED.  Usually I would be quick to defend Kyle’s back but in this case the allegations were so unfair that several others beat me to it, particularly someone named FanGeeGee.  I agree with what would seem to be the concensus, that the 2-0 Blue Bombers have seen noticeably improved special teams play this season.  Good work Kyle!

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