Initial Coach’s Gala a huge $uccess

Not only was Saturday night’s first ever Coach’s Gala a great social event it achieved its primary goal: to be a premier fundraising event for the Gryphon Football program.  Before the evening ended Friends of Gryphon Football treasurer Jeff Feagan was able to announce that the evening had raised over $35,000 for football recruiting and scholarships.  There was hope that the final tally would reach $40,000.  Regardless of the final figure, the event was an unqualified success. 

The first mention I ever heard to this event was in January.  I don’t believe any of the organizing began until late February.  Friends of Gryphon Football pulled off a mini-miracle making this event such a huge success with less than four months  preparation time.  It certainly didn’t hurt that Gryphon alumnus Tom Dimitroff Jr. was the guest speaker.  What other school in Canada could land an NFL general manager?  It was obvious that Dimitroff still cares deeply about the Gryphon football program. 

Three University of Guelph head football coaches were in attendance at the Coach’s Gala – Tom Mooney, 1957-61; Stuart Lang, 2010-present & John Musselman, 1984-87. (L-R in photo) 

The late Tom Dimitroff Sr., 1979-83, was represented by his widow Helen, sons Randy (right) & Tom Jr. (left) and grandson Dillon. 

Players from teams in the 1940s to the twenty-first century were represented in the audience.

This was an event that must become a annual affair.  I would have a hard time believing that Randy Dimitroff, Ron Aimola and others in the re-invigorated Friends of Gryphon Football organization aren’t already thinking ahead to the 2012 version.  The Cutten Club was a great setting but, with every seat in the room full, a bigger venue will be necessary in the future.

The above photos by Kyle Rodriguez, Artifacts for Life

Update: Photos of the evening can be viewed at

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3 Responses to Initial Coach’s Gala a huge $uccess

  1. gryphfan says:

    Sounds like it was a great event, wish I could have been there. I like Coach Lang’s tweet about the Americans having the Kennedys and Guelph, the Dimitroffs. These type of fundraising events are required if U of G wants to move up from a middling program to a top 3 OUA & CIS program.

  2. DSquared says:

    It’s Dillon not Dylan and where did Randy get those retro glasses?

    • My apologies to Dillon. I definitely knew better & I won’t let it happen again.

      As for “where did Randy get those retro glasses?”, I’m not sure. Do they have a Dollarama in Burlington? lol

      DSquared, I will be in your neighbourhood later today checking out some Guelph recruits and future prospects in the Stampeders vs Predators tilt.

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