QB depth problem solved

We knew the Gryphons couldn’t head into training camp with only three quarterbacks on the roster.  Today we know the solution as Guelph announces three incoming QBs.  In addition to high school careers all three have experience playing in the OVFL with some of the top franchises.  Each of them also has family ties to the Gryphon football program.

Perhaps the most detrimental effect of the Jack Creighton transfer & reversal is that his presence made the recruiting of additional QBs in 2011 a low priority.  Then, suddenly very late in the recruiting season it became an urgent need.  Given the timing, I think Director of Recruiting Bill Brown deserves some credit for bringing in these excellent prospects. 

The biggest name among the three is Jazz Lindsey out of Villanova College in King City and prior to that Markham DHS.  Lindsey is regarded among the top five Ontario quarterbacks in this recruiting class.  Matt Woehl is a graduate of Ridgeway-Chrystal Beach High School.  While James Welton hails from Etobicoke’s Silverthorne Collegiate.

Jazz Lindsey is the younger brother of Gryphon receiver Saxon Lindsey.  He’s a 6’2″ 185lb athlete.  He combines a strong arm with some very good feet.  He throws well on the move whether rolling out or scrambling.  He is a threat both to pass and to run as his numbers from Villanova show.  In 2010 he was 60 of 81 (an amazing 74%) for 1028 yards and 9 TDs.  Plus he picked up 300 yards and 5 TDs on 31 carries.  In 2010 Lindsey he led the Toronto Thunder to an 8-0 regular season.  This season he is quarterbacking the Metro Toronto Wildcats.  His OVFL head coach the past three seasons is former Gryphon offensive lineman and team captain Frank Panos. Watch his highlight video and see if he doesn’t remind you a little bit of Justin Dunk.

Matt Woehl is the younger brother of veteran offensive lineman Nick Woehl.  Woehl is another mobile quarterback.  In fact, from what I remember of his play last season with the Niagara Spears, Woehl is at his best when he is moving.  He is more effective as a rollout QB than a pocket passer.  Woehl is 5’11” 200lbs.  And while he started many games for the Spears perhaps his best performances came when he brought his high energy style in relief of another.  If I’m not mistaken he did rally his team from behind several times.

James Welton has a Gryphon pedigree.  His father Dan Welton was a member of the 1984 Vanier Cup Championship team and a bowl game MVP.  The younger Welton has won awards of his own – Offensive MVP at Silverthorne CI in 2010, Offensive Rookie-of-the-Year in 2008 with the Mississauga Warriors OMFL JV team.  He quarterbacked the Warriors to a provincial championship in 2009.  He started four games for the varsity OVFL Warriors in 2010.  That included a 274 yard passing performance against one of the leagues top defenses in the Steel City Ironmen.  Welton is playing for the Etobicoke Eagles this OVFL season.

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One Response to QB depth problem solved

  1. Upon rereading the beginning of this post it may give the impression that I believe Guelph recruited these three QBs only after Jack Creighton departed. I have no doubt that wouldn’t have been the case. I would think our coaches would have wanted to land at least one QB, probably two, in this recruiting class. Five quarterbacks would be the minimum I would want on a university roster.

    Its quite likely that Gryphon recruiters and coaches have been talking to these particular recruits for a year or two. Given their connections to the program I expect at least one or two would have commited here regardless of what Creighton did. The fact that we only had three roster QBs made this opportunity even more attractive to them. We had two QBs hurt in one game last season. If that were to happen again one of these freshmen would be dressing.

    It worth noting that CanadaFootballChat.com describes James Welton as “an athletic QB or receiver”. He has been a QB at Silverthorne and with the Warriors. Welton is listed as a QB by the Etobicoke Eagles but he had a 50yd reception in the season opener.

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