Gryphons add two Windsor All Stars and Niagara’s top WR

The Windsor pair have been teammates at St. Joseph’s  CHS and with the OVFL Varsity Champion Essex Ravens.  The 6’2″ 300lb Jeremy Veres (#63 in photo) was a not only an all star but the 2010 Offensive Lineman of the Year for the 17 team Windsor high school league.  Veres was also named a 2010 OVFL all star. The 6’5″ 260lb Evan Pavka was a two way linemen in high school and a DL with the Ravens.  Pavka earned a place on the Windsor all star team as a defensive linemen.  Both players are projected to play OL at Guelph.

Joining the Gryphon offense from St. Kitts will be 6’2″ 185lb WR Alex Charette of St Francis CHS and the OVFL Niagara Spears.  Charette is both a large target and a speedster.  He is widely regarded as the top WR in Niagara.  He led his high school team to the Niagara Div 2 final where he scored both the Phoenix TDs among his four receptions and set up the final TD drive with a 46 yd punt return.  Charette was tied for the season lead in receptions with the Spears.  Charette was selected to the GHB Top 100.

I have seen all three of these recruits play as I watched both Niagara’s incredible regular season comeback win over the Ravens and then Windsor’s payback defeat of the Spears in the OVFL playoffs.  Expect big things in the future from these young men.

Check out 2010  Windsor high school all-stars here.

Update: Both Veres and Pavka were released from their signed commitments and switched to their hometown University of Windsor Lancers.

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2 Responses to Gryphons add two Windsor All Stars and Niagara’s top WR

  1. Gryphfan says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for starting this blog Peter. It’s great to get Guelph news and views for football. Windsor has amazing highschool football programs, nice to see some blue-chip O-linemen coming our way.

    Do you follow the men’s basketball team too?

  2. I agree the O-line is a key to success.

    It is the most difficult position at which to evaluate high school players. Its also the hardest position at which to make the transition from H.S. to university. So when I ran into O-Line coach Carl Tolmie in the football offices yesterday, guess what I wanted to know? Yes, he has seen both of these OL recruits play and is convinced they have the ability to play in the CIS. I think thats significant.

    Coach Tolmie joined the new staff this past spring. Having him involved in evaluating OL recruits and on campus full-time during the football season can only lead to greater success on the O-Line. Tolmie previously worked with OL at UdeMonteal and UdeSherbrooke. He also instructs offensive line coaches through his business OL Building Blocks.

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